January 2 birthday Mehmed IV

Mehmed IV (Ottoman Turkish: محمد رابع Meḥmed-i rābiʿ; Modern Turkish: IV. Mehmet; also known as Avcı Mehmed, Mehmed the Hunter; 2 January 1642 – 6 January 1693) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1648 to 1687. He came to the throne at the age of six after his father was overthrown in a coup. Mehmed went on to become the second longest reigning sultan in Ottoman history. While the first and last years of his reign were characterized by military defeat and political instability, during his middle years he oversaw the revival of the empire’s fortunes associated with the Köprülü era. Mehmed IV was known by contemporaries as a particularly pious ruler, and was referred to as gazi, or “holy warrior” for his role in the many conquests carried out during his long reign.Under his reign the empire reached the height of its territorial expansion in Europe. From a young age he developed a keen interest in hunting, for which he is known as avcı (translated as “the Hunter”). In 1687 Mehmed was overthrown by soldiers disenchanted by the course of the ongoing War of the Holy League. He subsequently retired to Edirne, where he resided until his natural death.

محمد رابع 1648ء سے1687ء تک خلافت عثمانیہ کی باگ ڈور سنبھالنے والا سلطان تھا۔ وہ 2 جنوری 1642ء کو توپ کاپی محل استنبول ترکی میں پیدا ہوئے اور 6 جنوری 1693ء کو ادرنہ کے مقام پر وفات پائی۔

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